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RN to BSN Curriculum

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Curriculum and Online Nursing Courses Overview

The RN to BSN program requires 120 credits to graduate from the School of Nursing. As part of the application process, your official transcripts will be evaluated by a Jacksonville University academic advisor and applicable transfer credits awarded. Depending on your individualized progression plan, you will take non-nursing courses via schools that work with the University Alliance Online. This is a seamless transition in terms of both educational work and applying earned credits toward all of your RN to BSN online nursing courses.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

RN Licensure 30
General Education Core (Including Statistics) 36
BSN Core (Sciences) 22
Nursing Courses 32
Total Credits Required for Degree: 120

Nursing Licensure Credit - 30 credit hours will be awarded for your current unencumbered U.S. nursing license. As part of the application process, your official transcripts will be evaluated by an academic advisor at Jacksonville University.

Candidates With an AA Degree - If you earned an Associate of Arts degree (AA) from a regionally accredited college or university, up to 33 general education course credits will be awarded. Your transcripts will also be evaluated for science or statistics courses that meet transfer credit requirements. If you earned an AS, AAS or diploma, we also encourage you to apply, as your transcripts will be evaluated for transfer credit. However, general education courses are not automatically waived. Speak to a program representative to learn how you can graduate faster with Jacksonville University.

General Education Core

CS 150 Personal Productivity Using Technology  3
ECON 201 Principles of Macroeconomics  3
ENGL 103 Introductory Writing  3
ENGL 203 World Literature 3
HIST 150 The Modern World  3
HUM Any Humanities  3
IS International Studies 3
MATH 205 Elementary Statistics 3
FINE ARTS Any Fine Arts 3
PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy 3
PSYC 201
SOC 203
Introduction to Psychology
Introductory Sociology

Elective Any Elective 3
Total General Education Core Hours: 36

BSN Core (Sciences)

BIOL 215 Anatomy & Physiology I  4
BIOL 216 Anatomy & Physiology II 4
BIOL 221 Nutrition  3
BIOL 222 Microbiology for Health Professionals  4
CHEM 101  Introduction to Chemistry  4
PSYC 210  Human Growth & Development  3
Total BSN Core Hours Required: 22

Nursing Courses

NUR 352SI Professional Nursing 3
NUR 353 Information Management in Healthcare 3
NUR 354WI Evidence-Based Nursing 3
NUR 355 Nursing Assessment for the Practicing Nurse 3
NUR 452WI Nursing Leadership and Health Care Policy 3
NUR 453 Community Focused Professional Nursing 4
NUR 454 A Conceptual Approach to Pathophysiology for Nurses 3
NUR 455 Advanced Acute Care Concepts  3
NUR 456 Application of Professional Nursing Concepts 4
 Choose One Elective 
NUR 339 Global Health Promotion
NUR 340 Holistic Nursing
NUR 344 Palliative Care Strategies for the Professional Nurse
Total Nursing Hours Required: 32

This curriculum went into effect Fall II, 2011. The current Jacksonville University Academic Catalog is your official guide to all programs.