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Close-Up of Our Online BSN Courses

As an RN, you can enroll in the Jacksonville University online RN to BSN degree program at any time. Begin your studies at six convenient times during the year. Each online BSN course is only eight weeks long. When you successfully complete all nursing and general education courses, you’ll receive the same Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree that on-campus students receive.

You'll need 121 credits to graduate from the RN to BSN program. Upon applying, you will receive 30 credits FREE for your active U.S. RN license. Keep in mind you can transfer credits from other institutions when the Jacksonville University registrar accepts your previous work. No matter how long ago you completed your RN training, you can submit this coursework for transfer credit acceptance.

Your online BSN program advisor will tell you what general education courses you need. Then you will work with one student services representative to enroll in each session. Every RN to BSN course required to graduate is available online. Even if you need to take a science course with a lab component, such as microbiology, all items needed to perform the experiments are shipped to you or are readily accessible in your kitchen cupboards.

Online BSN Course Breakdown

Online BSN Courses

Non-Nursing Required Courses 58 hours
RN Licensure Credit 30 hours
Nursing Required Courses 33 hours
Total 121 hours

Non-Nursing Courses Sample List:

Nursing Courses Include:

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Please visit the BSN Curriculum page for more detailed information.