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Online Nursing Programs

Online Nursing Programs Have Become a Viable Alternative To Campus

Technology has changed education forever. While the idea of online nursing programs was once unimaginable, many respected universities and vocational schools are now offering them. Today’s nursing students can earn everything from certificates to bachelor’s, master’s and even doctoral degrees without setting foot in a classroom.

A Quality Education Online

One reason for the proliferation of online nursing school programs is the growing understanding that a solid education from an accredited institution does not require a traditional classroom setting. A poll conducted by the Claria Corporation, a leading behavioral marketing firm, showed that students who were taking online programs believed they were receiving the same quality of education as campus-based students. It goes without saying that in a field as critical as nursing, quality cannot be sacrificed.

Choosing Online Nursing Programs

There are over 600 online BSN programs offered by well-known universities. The best of these online nursing programs offer a top-notch education featuring a combination of unmatched convenience, user-friendly learning technology and human interaction. However, the benefits of online learning can easily be outweighed by mandatory logons or group projects, an overly complicated web interface and/or the inability to find assistance when needed, so it’s important to do your research before choosing a nursing school program.

Earning Your BSN Online From JU

Jacksonville University offers registered nurses with an associate’s or diploma one of the finest online nursing programs available. You can earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing in about 24 months by completing eight-week online courses in consecutive sessions. The university’s online RN to BSN curriculum consists of streaming video lectures you can access anytime you want, 24/7. With no login times scheduled or even required, you can easily fit the program in around work and other responsibilities. Just go online, click, watch and listen when it’s convenient for you. You can even study offline by viewing your lessons on the included CD-ROMs. Online learning from Jacksonville University provides you with maximum flexibility and portability.

The university also makes it easy to get the help you need. Obtain assistance with coursework from professors and classmates using interactive online tools like chat rooms, email and message boards. You also have access to a dedicated academic advisor, as well as a student services representative and technical support personnel. Not all online nursing programs can boast these benefits.

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