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Why BSN Online Programs are Today’s Way to Learn

By University Alliance
Why BSN Online Programs are Today’s Way to Learn

BSN online programs are following the trend of growth found throughout distance education. An estimated 4.6 million students were taking a course online in the fall of 2008. While campus programs are seeing 1.2% more students each year, online programs are growing at 17%.* Why so popular? The convenience and quality of online education, and its support by employers who see the value of furthering employees' knowledge, has led to this unprecedented boom.

Earning a BSN Online With JU is Like Being There

Online streaming video and MP3 lectures bring your PC to life and the classroom to you, offering an educational experience like no other online RN to BSN program. You can view and review class lectures as often as you like.

Jacksonville University’s BSN online program offers extended interaction with faculty and classmates through virtual office hours, faculty-monitored chat rooms, message boards and email. Interestingly, many nursing students have found that they actually learn, participate and enjoy themselves more in this RN to BSN online program than they ever did in a traditional classroom. They also add that their professors and advisors are easy to contact, and quick to respond to queries.

Nursing Students Enjoy the Flexibility and Convenience

Other BSN online programs require nursing students to log in at specific times, but at JU there is no mandatory attendance or "sign-in" periods. Unlike other programs, which may force nursing students into a daily schedule, we allow you the flexibility to complete the required work on your own schedule. You're given an end-of-week deadline for each assignment, and then decide for yourself when to complete the work – day or night. New nursing students may enroll in the Jacksonville University online RN to BSN degree program at any time and can begin their studies at six convenient times during the year.

Your RN to BSN Courses Are All Online

Some BSN online programs may not, in fact, offer all the necessary courses online and may require you to enroll at a local campus in order to earn necessary transfer credits. They may even require you to register for tests at a separate testing center on your own dime. With our online RN to BSN degree program, every course you need to earn your BSN is available online through JU or other universities that work with the University Alliance. And no matter what courses are on your progression plan, you will work with one nursing student services representative from your first class up until graduation.

*Sloan Consortium report issued January 2010

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