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Myths and Realities of Online BSN Programs

By University Alliance
Myths and Realities of Online BSN Programs

Myth: Online BSN programs are not as effective as traditional programs.
Reality: An online RN to BSN degree from JU is not distinguishable from a brick-and-mortar degree. Instead of watching your professor in an on-campus lecture hall, you log into the classroom and watch your professor lecture via video. If you prefer to be offline, download your audio lectures to your MP3 player. The content is the same as if you were in a live classroom; it just comes to you in different formats convenient for your individual lifestyle.

After I graduated with my associate’s degree, I tried a conventional classroom BSN. I thought that being in a classroom setting would help me obtain my degree and I was definitely wrong. I could not work full time and deal with the program I was in. JU’s online program is very structured and organized, unlike what I had ever experienced. I do believe that if I had not found JU, I would still be an RN that had given up on achieving my BSN. I hope that you will choose JU to obtain your educational goals.”

Laura Mears, RN, BSN
Ft. Walton Beach, FL

Myth: I won't have the time to complete the courses.
Reality: We provide a valuable education you can access anytime, anywhere, 24/7. You know your assignments for the entire session on day one. Work on that week’s assignments and tests as you have time before the Sunday deadline each week. Actual campus attendance is never required.

Myth: Instructors for online BSN programs are not as knowledgeable or efficient as those who teach on campus.
Reality: JU’s online nursing faculty include the same highly qualified professors who teach on-campus BSN students as well as expert adjunct faculty. They are all well-versed in teaching the online adult learner.

Myth: Online BSN programs consist of reading a book online and taking tests.
Reality: While this is true of other online learning programs, JU uses University Alliance's learning management system to bring you streaming video and MP3 lectures, in addition to textbooks. You will not be sitting in front of your computer merely reading the textbook online and then taking a test. JU’s RN to BSN degree program is far from being a “book-on-a-screen” degree.

Myth: Even if classes are online, I'll have to travel to take tests or complete science labs like chemistry.
Reality: Some online BSN programs require you to take proctored exams at a testing center, or basic science courses with a laboratory component at a community college, all of which involves traveling to a testing center or to a campus. With Jacksonville University, your RN to BSN class and laboratory work are completed entirely online. There are no testing fees and no travel.

For example, if you need to take a microbiology course with a lab, any materials you need, such as a microscope or lab slides, are included with your materials fee and are shipped directly to your home. Of course, some local travel will be necessary in preparing your practice projects.

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