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BSN Graduate Success Stories

JU Online RN to BSN Graduate Named BPW Woman of the Year

(Paraphrased from the Cayman Net News, March 24, 2006) The community of Cayman Brac chose Jacksonville University online RN to BSN graduate Kathy Kirkconnell as the winner of the Business and Professional Women’s Club 2006 Woman of the Year.

Kathy became a registered nurse in 1982 and worked in the field until 1993, when she stopped to help her husband manage their insurance business. She loved nursing, so she chose to go back and finish her BSN with Jacksonville University online. “I really enjoyed the program and based some of the course projects on the community here, such as a project on hurricanes, says Ms. Kirkconnell, who finished her degree in 2004 and went on to get involved with the Red Cross.”

Ms. Kirkconnell was appointed Red Cross liaison in April 2004 and Red Cross Coordinator in August 2005 by Cayman Islands Red Cross.

More Success Stories…

“It has been an exciting two years for me since the completion of my online BSN with Jacksonville University. I became an Officer in the United States Public Health Service Commission Corps as of April 2006. I work as an RN Case Manager in the Urology clinic at the Alaska Native Medical Center. I plan on applying to JU for my master’s degree within the year.”

Deborah Barnett

“I graduated from the online RN to BSN program in a few weeks and I have found my nursing education at JU to be worth every cent. The nursing degree program has enhanced my performance as a nurse and will open many doors.”

Joy Phillips
West Virginia

“I earned my BSN graduate degree in 2005 from Jacksonville University through the RN to BSN program. I was an Assistant Director of Nursing in a Rehab. center before my graduation from JU. Five months after my graduation I got a job that paid $15,000 more per annual. I am now a Director of Nursing in another Rehabilitation center. My Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree from JU has made a great difference in my life, my reputation and has opened up new doors. I will recommend the program to my friends and anybody who wants to move ahead in life.”

Esther Monyei

“As a nurse who is employed full-time, I found JU’s RN to BSN degree program best fit my needs. The BSN completion program added to my knowledge base which improved my performance as emergency services director. And I have more credibility with my staff now that they know I have a degree.”

Lori Vandersloot

“This is the best program that I could find that was accredited and online to accommodate my ever-changing schedule. I saved time and money, earned my degree and have been promoted. Thank you to my University Alliance student services representative – you never let me down!”

Kathy Frates

“As a graduate of JU’s online RN to BSN program, I have referred several nurses to the program – and all have had a great experience. From what I’ve heard from nurses who have attended other online schools, Jacksonville University is still the best!”

Stefanie Sonico

“I have been so impressed with the quality of the online nursing classes at JU and the excellence of the faculty. The BSN course work is challenging and well-organized. The two nursing classes I’ve taken have already benefited me in my career. I feel more confident and competent in my professional knowledge and I’m really proud of myself for having the courage to go back to nursing school.”

Martha Porinchak

“This program is the very best I've seen, and I looked around before attempting online courses. There is always plenty of support from the staff and the other online students. I really like the ability to hear a lecture each week and complete the reading at my convenience.”

Vicky Haney

“I love learning online. I am able to continue to work full time and go to school part time. I wish I had found JU’s nursing school online learning earlier than I did. So far I have been successful, and I have been able to work full time and maintain a 4.0 average in my online classes. Thank you for the opportunity to study this way.”

Candice H. Jewett

“The JU website is easy to access at any computer – whether I’m at home, at a friend’s house or at the hospital. Also, the BSN completion program is developed to work with the students and their busy schedules, making it possible for me to go back to school.”

Susan Cardona

“The instructors seem concerned to help students. Email messages/questions are returned within hours of posting. Thanks to JU for developing their online RN to BSN program.”

Shirley J. Williams