10 Business Podcasts You Should Subscribe To

While you’re in the throes of pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA), and likely juggling a job and personal commitments simultaneously, squeezing in extra education and boosting your business best practices may seem like an impossible task. But podcasts offer busy students and professionals a wealth of information – and a convenient, mobile medium for consumption.

Not only can you expand your business knowledge on a commute, while making dinner, or as you run errands, but you can also hear from top experts in an industry or arena of interest.

With the bevy of podcasts available, you can find a few on nearly every topic. Busy students and professionals looking to get the most value from a podcast should at least subscribe to these 10 business podcasts:

  1. The Femtrepreneur Show 

Aimed at audiences planning to create an online course, The Femtrepreneur Show is hosted by entrepreneurs Mariah Coz and Megan Minns, who share their experience and offer tactical details for aspiring business owners. Even if you don’t plan to offer an online course, their coverage of prioritizing, time management and building and growing a mailing list can arm business professionals with valuable insight.


  1. Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast

Need to revamp or develop your selling skills? Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast focuses on software as a service (SaaS) sales, but covers a spectrum of sales and marketing topics, including pricing metrics, content strategy, and prospecting.


  1. Honest Money Conversations 

Hosts Cait Flanders and Carrie S. Nicholson tackle what can be a tough topic for entrepreneurs: money. The hosts of Honest Money Conversations aren’t speaking from a perfect past themselves, as Flanders paid of $30,000 in debt to now save half her income, and Smith quit her job after paying off $14,000 in consumer debt. Through casual conversation, Honest Money Conversations strives to help entrepreneurs and freelancers scale their businesses – without overdoing consumption.


  1. Innovation Ecosystem 

In a world of rapid change, Innovation Ecosystem, hosted by Mark Bidwell, explores themes of innovation, leadership and changes in leadership as Bidwell interviews global leaders.


  1. Outside In 

While small business owners will appreciate the information, Outside In host Charles Trevail is all about the biggest businesses. In conversations with leaders from the world’s most prestigious business, media, and academic organizations, Trevail reviews philosophies and strategies of the most customer-oriented brands, tackles way consumers are changing, and offers best practices for organizations centered around their customers.


  1. Leaders in The Trenches

Host Gene Hammett isn’t one for empty statements. In Leaders In The Trenches, Hammett focuses his message on leaders, through conversations with existing leaders striving to better serve their teams. He covers topics like company values, goal setting, and employee engagement.


  1. Entrepreneurs on Fire  

One of the first podcasts to leverage interviewing in podcasts, in Entrepreneurs on Fire, host John Lee Dumas uses the personal story of his interview subject to examine how these entrepreneurial titans transformed themselves. Dumas strives to be both inspirational and strategic, including a blend of big moments and quality resources.


  1. Nice Guys on Business 

Co-hosts Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonner, who happen to be friends as well as business partners, blend conversations and interviews on their Nice Guys on Business podcast. A key goal for the hosts is to entertain (with self-described “shenanigans”) and add value, while emphasizing values like honesty, trust, and integrity. These are key themes for their blog, and key components of successful businesses.


  1. No Quit Living

Feel like giving up after a recent setback? Not with this positive podcast. As the name suggests, No Quit Living, hosted by Christopher Wirth, pursues motivation and inspiration. Through discussions with guests – who may be a fellow podcaster or an executive – Wirth shares stories and seeks advice on methods to overcome adversity and encourages listeners to always strive for success.


  1. Youpreneur

This isn’t your grandfather’s business world, and Youpreneur host Chris Ducker knows it. Ducker speaks to new and established entrepreneurs, offering ways to build better personal brands and enjoy virtual success, while shedding outdated business practices and perspectives. Ducker incorporates his expertise with interviews from leaders and innovators as he examines a changing business environment, and how those changes impact entrepreneurs.

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