The Best Nursing Apps of 2015

Professional nurses are increasingly using mobile devices to access information they need to improve patient care and stay on top of changes in the medical field. If you’re a nurse or nursing student who relies on an iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry or Android to connect with family and friends, to check your schedule or to update your social networks, why not explore these top five mobile apps for nurses to leverage your smart phone’s technology and keep you better informed? You’ll have access to thousands of medical terms, drug databases, and more – all at your fingertips and delivered around the clock.

For Nurses

1. Epocrates Rx

The basic features of Epocrates RX are free. They include a drug guide, pill identifier, drug interaction checker and medical updates. Health plan formularies and medical calculators are also available in the free version, which is downloadable for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android. Upgrades range from $99 per year to $199 per year, and give nurses access to infectious disease guides, diagnostic and lab tests, medical dictionaries, the latest medical technology, and much more.

2. Nursing Central

This popular smart phone app provides comprehensive disease, drug and test information that nurses need every day. With this mobile version for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Palm and Windows mobile devices, it’s available around the clock, wherever you may be. Nursing Central includes Davis’s Drug Guide, Tabar’s Medical Dictionary, the Diseases and Disorders reference guide, access to nursing journals, and more. This robust app is a technology powerhouse at $159.95.

3. Netter’s Anatomy

Access the renowned Netter anatomical artwork, including Netter’s Anatomy, Netter’s Advanced Head and Neck, Netter’s Musculoskeletal, Netter’s Histology and Netter’s Neuroscience with these apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Whether you’re studying nursing or enhancing your human anatomy knowledge, flash cards make it easy to hone your skills anywhere, anytime. Learn at your own pace and test yourself in quiz mode. Each of the five versions is $39.99.

4. Eponyms

From the mundane to the obscure, look up almost any medical eponym with the Eponyms app for your iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Windows mobile device. Short descriptions of more than 1,700 eponyms from the Andrew Yee database make Eponyms a very handy tool for nursing students and professional nurses alike. Put this fundamental technology in the palm of your hand for just $1.99.

5. PALS Advisor

When pediatric advanced life support is needed, PALS Advisor is the go-to app for iPhone and iPad. Following the American Heart Association’s guidelines, PALS Advisor offers information on pediatric drug dosages, neonatal resuscitation, basic life support and other actions to be performed, based on a specific clinical situation. It’s ideal for nursing students and professional nurses at any career stage. Download this potentially life-saving app for $3.99.

Nursing is an extremely challenging and rewarding profession. One big benefit of today’s ever-expanding mobile technology is access to tools like these five nurse apps that make it easier to access valuable information. While there are countless apps on the market specifically designed for medical professionals, the top five apps for nurses listed here will give you a great start by putting powerful medical technology on your Android, iPhone, iPad or BlackBerry. Get an edge by advancing your knowledge – any time of the day, no matter where you happen to be!

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