Useful Podcasts for Nurses

Nursing careers are full of challenges. Among other tasks, nurses must balance caring for patients, completing records and communicating with other healthcare professionals while also continuing their nursing education.

A common struggle many nurses face is finding time to keep up with healthcare trends and current issues. One way to tackle this problem? Podcasts.

Podcasts come in many formats: interviews, discussions, lectures and commentaries. Some are serious, and others incorporate humor. Healthcare podcasts can help professionals gain valuable and up-to-date knowledge regarding the health industry. Since many of these podcasts are less than an hour long, you can easily listen to one on your commute to work.

Nursing podcasts are especially great if you’re ever feeling discouraged about your job, as they can help encourage and support your nursing endeavors. You’ll likely find yourself relating to many of the nurses and healthcare professionals in these audio shows and discover kindred spirits among fellow nurses.

Ready to listen? Here are some healthcare and nursing podcasts to note:

Behind the Knife: The Surgery Podcast

If you assist in surgeries or just interested in surgical topics, Behind the Knife: The Surgery Podcast is a great one to explore. This podcast will give you a unique perspective as experts discuss the facets of surgery and examine the human side of operations. You’ll hear from four surgeons in a casual discussion and interview format. These specialists will survey a range of topics that are vital for career growth, and they’ll review not only today’s practices, but also the history and future of the industry.

NEJM This Week

The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) presents research and information designed as a career companion to healthcare workers. NEJM’s Weekly Audio Summaries discuss new medical research findings, review articles and editorial opinions. This medical journal podcast provides an overview of a wide range of topics related to biomedical science and clinical practice. The goal of NEJM’s audio presentations is to help you stay in touch with clinical science and become a better healthcare professional.

The Nursing Podcast by NRSING, Jon Haws, RN CCRN

Whether you’re a nursing student or a practicing nurse, you should check out the NRSING podcasts. This show offers valuable, easy-to-understand information on a variety of nursing topics. NRSING’s goal is to simplify nursing education so that you can succeed in the healthcare industry.

The creator of NRSING, Jon Haws, RN CCRN, has worked as an ICU nurse, preceptor, code team nurse and ICU charge nurse. He’s also mentored thousands of nurses.

Here are some of the topics you’ll hear discussed on the podcast:

  • Confidence in nursing
  • Real-life nursing stories
  • Life hacks for nurses
  • Anatomy and physiology of diseases
  • Interviews with other nurses, authors and other successful people.

The NRSING podcasts also specialize in helping nursing students prepare for the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination). So, if you’re just joining the field of nursing, these audio shows could be especially helpful.

2 Docs Talk: Kendall Britt and Amy Rogers

Staying updated in an ever-evolving industry can be difficult. That’s why 2 Docs Talk looks at current issues in medicine and healthcare policy in compact, 15-minute podcasts. You’ll be drawn in by the interesting topics that Kendall Britt, M.D., and Amy Rogers, M.D., cover on this show. The topics are chosen carefully with the goal of educating healthcare consumers so they can engage and communicate with healthcare professionals. These podcasts are especially helpful in understanding common issues and decisions that patients face.

The Nursing Show

The Nursing Show podcast is a great go-to resource with an abundance of nursing information contained in its more than 100 weekly episodes. The show host is Jamie Davis, a registered nurse and nationally recognized medical educator. On the Nursing Show podcast, you’ll hear nursing news, tips and medication info. You’ll also gain insight from guest nurses, nursing career interviews and commentaries on a range of healthcare topics.

The Nursing Crash Cart

If you’re an emergency department (ED) nurse, you might appreciate the relatable and humorous Nursing Crash Cart podcasts. These lively shows give you an in-depth look at nursing in an emergency department. The show host, Cameron, is a Registered Nurse in Ohio, and he offers a real perspective of being an emergency room (ER) nurse and provides helpful, supplemental education for fellow nurses.


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