Nursing Job Sites

Once a Registered Nurse has completed an RN to BSN program or has earned a Master of Science in Nursing degree, she will almost certainly begin seeking out new and more exciting opportunities, which may become available with these rewarding higher education degrees.

Nurses who have completed their degrees online have also learned a critical skill in today’s job market – using online information and resources in their pursuit for a new nursing position. Using online information is essential when looking for a job in today’s market.  Those who earned their degree from an online university will have a natural advantage when looking for career options and job postings via the Internet as they are very familiar with online resources.

Nursing Job Sites

There are a variety of websites that are specifically targeted for nurses who are currently in the job market. Here is a brief overview of a few of those websites that are considered to be the best in the industry. is a comprehensive site with a wide range of features for nurses to use. After creating a personal account (which is free to do at the time of this writing), nurses will be able to upload a resume, save a list of jobs they are interested in applying for, and view postings from all over the United States. is a popular social networking site for nurses as well.  It has a regularly updated blog, an active nurse’s forum, and an article directory populated by nursing articles from nursing professionals all over the country.

There are other websites similar to as well. You can take a look at, it offers a great deal of information and post regular job opportunities.

If you’re looking for more information, tips, and advice on how to get a nursing job then is definitely a good place to start. In addition to the invaluable information they publish, this site lists jobs by field and includes a nationwide directory as well.

Other helpful sites you may be interested in include:

Staffing Agencies

Many nurses prefer to seek out and secure jobs through staffing agencies.  Staffing agencies are private groups or publicly funded organizations who match employers to employees – scheduling, managing and employing nurses in all types of specialties.

Nursefinders is a popular website that helps nurses search for contract, travel, temporary to permanent, per diem or direct hire jobs.  Their website contains has a job search tool and contact information on how to apply for the jobs that interest you.

There are several other websites where nurses can find job descriptions and listings, post their resume, or send their resume to a potential employer for consideration. These sites include, and and Other Large Job Sites

Entering the keywordregistered nurse, or your nursing specialty and a state into a jobs websites’ search engine can assist in navigating broader websites. You may narrow your search even more by entering an employer’s name into the search entry field to help find all jobs currently open for one facility. The more filters you put into your search, the more efficient your job search will be.

Aside from, other larger job websites include:

Job Sites with Nurse Options

There are also job websites which feature jobs for healthcare professionals only. These websites list jobs for all healthcare positions, but they offer filters for visitors to see jobs in specific fields only – including nursing. Some of them even filter the results further allowing visitors to see nursing positions in specific locations or areas of expertise. and are two websites that have the filters in place, or visitors may choose to use their traditional search engines by entering a physical location and specific keywords.

Other websites, such as, require the word “nurse” or “nursing” to be entered in their search engine in order to view nursing job results, but the results will contain links to the actual company or facility where you can submit your resume directly to its HR department.

Find a Nursing Job Online

Many of these websites have taken a lot of the guesswork out of looking for a job. However, it takes time, commitment and continued dedication to sort through the multitude of job openings and decide which of those opportunities will provide the best fit for your requirements, wishes and individual situation. Remember that in addition to the complete commitment of finding a job online, job candidates must also market themselves in order to make sure the best career opportunities are made available to them.

Prospective students and job seekers are encouraged to conduct independent research as job availability may vary depending on location, experience, education and other factors.

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