Online Education and Flexibility


My name is Jamie Daugherty. I am 44 years old and I am from Brooksville, Florida.

My name is Lauren Annis, and I’m from Jacksonville, Florida.

My name’s Christopher Missler and I’m from Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

I’m Connie Hartley, and I’m from Jacksonville and born and raised here.

I’m Doctor Carol Barnett I’m chair of the humanities department at Jacksonville University.

I chose online because I can do the classes at my pace and when I have time to do them.

What surprised me most about taking an online program was how much I liked it. I was very apprehensive about choosing an online program. My husband started way back when in an online program which was one of the first ones and he had a negative experience. So it was very apprehensive to me, because I’m a very social person, and I thought being online would not bring across my personality, but I was totally wrong.

I understood the classes. They were laid out very easily. They were easy to understand and the teachers were accessible to me whenever I needed them.

Using the technology that JU offered online was very easy to use. The discussion boards really created an atmosphere where you got to know your fellow students even though you weren’t around them, face to face with them. I’ve become good friends with several of my classmates and we’re keeping in contact.

So I felt like the technology was an awesome part of the classes.

My online experience has been wonderful. It allowed me the flexibility and adaptability to put in with my lifestyle.

I have two grown children and a grandson and soon to have another daughter-in-law. So I was able to travel and see my grandson and still take my schoolwork with me.

We all have time schedules. Many people have jobs now, and they work, and it’s just part of the new wave that’s not going to go anywhere. It’s going to stay there and I wanted to be a part of that innovation.

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