Why Nurses Should Attend the ANA Conference

Want to get a new job, or establish professional contacts for collaboration? Network.

Of course, it’s easy to network with people in your industry on sites like LinkedIn, but face-to-face interaction is still key in this digital age for both students and professionals. An excellent way to get that is to attend professional organization conferences.

If you’re interested in nursing or are a nurse, then a great networking opportunity is coming up – the 2018 American Nursing Association (ANA) Quality and Innovation Conference in Orlando, Fla., from March 21-23.

“ANA is the voice of nurses in America. The movers and shakers who write the books and articles will be there,” said Roberta Christopher, assistant professor, Keigwin School of Nursing. “Students can be face to face with these scholars and ask questions. It’s a fabulous opportunity if they get the chance to go.”

Reasons to Go

The ANA gives five reasons why nurses should attend the conference:

  • Solutions: By connecting with experts and peers, discover solutions for pressing issues and develop a learning organization
  • Quality: Case studies presented can help you explore successful quality strategies from all over the country
  • Innovation: Real-world innovation will give you inspiration to go back to your job or school with a renewed sense of focus.
  • Opportunity: You can give yourself new opportunities at the conference to take back to your organization and team.
  • Value: The conference presents interactive sessions, engaging content and a great overall experience.

The keynote sessions offered during the conference highlight the importance of innovation within the nursing field. The opening keynote will be delivered by Nicholas Webb, an author and inventor who has been awarded more than 40 patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Another keynote session gives attendees a chance to participate in crowdsourcing, where they will collaborate with peers and experts on challenging quality, safety and staffing challenges. Each group will present best ideas, and attendees will be able to take those ideas back to work with them.

An interactive session with practitioners who have innovated and made an impact on management will give attendees key takeaways for innovation in their own workplaces. The final session will present actionable steps in a fun game show format.

In addition to the main keynotes, there are also several breakout sessions that focus on other ways to improve quality and innovation in nursing.

What is the American Nurses Association?

According to the ANA website, the organization’s mission statement is: “Nurses advancing our profession to improve health for all.”

The ANA is a professional organization representing the interests of around 3.6 million registered nurses, and states it is at the forefront of improving healthcare quality for all. They also work to:

  • Foster high standards of nursing practice
  • Promote safe and ethical workplaces
  • Support nurse health and wellness
  • Advocate for healthcare issues affecting not only nurses, but also the public

Christopher encourages people to not only attend the conference, but also be a part of the organization.

“Be a part of the change. As a professional, you have to support your professional organizations to be advocates for you and to have a voice. I put my money where my mouth is,” Christopher said.

“Nursing is the leading, most-trusted profession in the country, so nurses are advocating for their patients, their practice. They continue to fight this battle across the U.S. for nurses to practice at the full scope of their license and education. Sometimes state and national legislation limits nurses, so they continue to lobby for that and lobby for healthcare for our country and patients so that everyone has access to care.”

The organization also launched a strategic plan for 2017-2020 that calls for increasing membership, providing ways to create innovation that shows the value of nursing, and leveraging its influence to make nurses “integral partners in consumers’ health and healthcare journeys.”



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