Online Resources for College Planning

If you’re a prospective or current college student, you may have discovered that finding trustworthy online information about planning an education, paying for education or career development can take a great deal of time and effort. Searching the Internet to weed out impractical sites, and find trustworthy and useful information, can be frustrating.

In addition, becoming an RN is the first step toward earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN). These advanced nursing degrees position RNs to take on executive roles at hospitals and other organizations, as well as strengthening their earning power (please see accompanying graphic).

That’s why you need to know about Federal Student Aid – the online student gateway to the U.S. Government. Whether you’re planning to pursue an advanced degree, earn a bachelor’s degree, or participate in career development courses, it’s a one-stop website you can rely on for links to valuable, reliable and relevant information. Here we review some of the main topics of interest to students that can be found on Federal Student Aid.

Plan Your Education

When planning your education, students often seek answers to questions such as:

  • How can I prepare for college?
  • What resources are available for students in my socioeconomic group?
  • How do I choose a college?
  • Is my school of choice accredited?
  • Where can I find information geared specifically toward online courses?

With links to valuable government online information, such as budget calculators, resources for college planning, programs available to various ethnic groups, and guides geared toward adults returning to college, you’re sure to find answers to all of your questions – and much more.

Pay For Your Education

In this section of Federal Student Aid, you’ll find links to sites providing comprehensive information on:

  • Financial aid, scholarships, and loans
  • How to apply for Federal Student Aid
  • G.I. Bill education benefits
  • Resources regarding student loan relief for students with disabilities
  • State-by-state financial aid and assistance
  • Teaching grants and research fellowships
  • How to repay your student loans
  • Hiring a financial aid consultant

Paying for education can be much easier when you know where to look for funding, as well as which programs you are, or may be eligible for. Count on Federal Student Aid for familiar resources, and hundreds more you may not know about. When it comes to paying for your education, the more you know, the better. Knowledge truly is power.

Career Development

Here, students can obtain solid planning information for nearly any type of career development programs, such as:

  • Internships, Government: Included are links to student programs and internship opportunities with federal government agencies, such as the National Institutes of Health, The Office of Personnel Management, Environmental Protection Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, Department of Health & Human Services, Secret Service and dozens more.
  • Internships, Non-Government: If the idea of interning for such fascinating organizations as the United Nations, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the Hispanic National Internship Program, the Paleontological Research Institute, or the American Indian Science and Engineering Society appeal to you, you’ll find links to each of their websites here.
  • Student Jobs: If you’ll be looking for work while in school, Federal Student Aid can provide you with information regarding federal student programs with the Census Bureau, the U.S. Geological Survey, NASA, and many more.
  • Career Exploration: Here, students can find information about a wide variety of careers, including what level of training and education is needed for each. If you’re unclear about your career goals, or have a few options in mind, exploring Federal Student Aid can help you narrow your choices and choose the career path that is right for you.
  • Graduate Fellowships and Job Search: Federal Student Aid is also a wonderful source for information on an array of available graduate fellowships, from the familiar, like Rhodes Scholarships, to the more obscure, such as Fellowships for New Americans. In addition, this link can provide information regarding openings with the Federal Government and other agencies.

Campus Life, Online Study Help, Military Service and Your Government Online

In these four sections, students can learn about topics such as:

  • Relocating to college, student consumer information, healthy living, volunteer service and diversity resources.
  • Online research and information on subjects such as science and medicine; history and social sciences; geography and travel; business and finance; arts and education; and study skills.
  • Military funding for college, service branches, and general military information.
  • Federal directories, national parks and museums, student taxes, voting and democracy, and contacting federal agencies.

Solid Resources for Traditional Students, Returning Students and Online Students

Count on Federal Student Aid for an array of usable, reliable information that can help you in nearly any stage of planning the completion of a degree. You’ll have access to resources to help you plan and pay for education, choose the career direction that fits your interests and skills, and find internships. The information available through Federal Student Aid can even help you succeed in your learning efforts!

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